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parallel reading of the situation in ukraine the best versus how the west season. clinton says you cannot blame us for what we are doing because he is telling that the west has legitimacy has all wrong. not oustedkovych was -- the constitution was not respected. they showed the letter at the u.n. yesterday, therefore they have not only legitimacy, but law on their side. legality. they cannot be blamed for what they are doing. secondly, the west is hypocritical, because they also act according to their own national interests and foreign policy premises, and they disguised as an act of international legitimacy. vladimir putin said look at what they did in afghanistan, iraq, and libya. they either interviewed without a international mandate cover or a mandate that they in -- interprovincial widely as to achieve their own specific ambitions of the region. whatd you, this squares vladimir putin said to angela merkel. she told president barack obama that he does not see it the way we will just view the world. >> what cannot be done is for to put with impunity, its soldiers on the ground and --l
at the beginning of the clinton administration about how to deal with what was perceived as a relatively small recession, but nonetheless a recession, what to do. there were those who wanted to spend their way out, and others said no, let's have budgetary restraint. that will be better for the economy, that will keep interest rates down, it will tend to restrain inflationary pressures, and, in the long run, we'll be better off. and that was, i think fortunately, the approach that was adopted. and lo and behold, the economy did so well that we got some productivity increases, that revenues increased faster than expected, budget expenditures were held down, and for the first time in decades, we had budgetary surpluses. schoumacher: there was no inflation when it came to goods and services, t the was a sharp rise was this a problem?ocks. rivlin alan greenspan coid the term "irrional exubance," meaning that pple were buying stocks swe now know, of course, would cthat ty dn't. up and up. schoumacher: e fed played a key role in holding down inflatio in t 1990s, but after thteoratcks the opened the m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2